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International Boutique

IHR Consultancy has become a point of reference in Executive Search and Management Assessment, mainly in projects that require for their realization a checked “savoir faire”, commitment, and highly efficient performance.

  • Expertise
    Our expertise, as well as our knowledge about companies, enable us to assess the Board of Directors in the organisation strategy of their management teams as well as to find the collaborators who will help them along their present and future challenges.


Partnership Global

Our clients are national and multinational companies, from the main sectors, to whom we work in international missions at managerial level.

IHR Consultancy aims to become a strategic partner of its clients, developing lasting relationships. Proof of that is the fact that 90% of our new clients come back to us and a significant part of our activity is carried out for companies with which we have been collaborating for more than 10 years.

Consumer & Retail 19% Industrial 18% Life Sciences & Healthcare Services 18% Banking & Financial Services 16% EPC & Real Estate 15% Services 9% Technology & Communications 5%
Western & Eastern Europe 52% Latam & North America 31% Africa & Middle East 17%
Commercial & Marketing 40% Operations & Technology 29% Finance, HR & Legal 17% General & BU Management 14%
Managers 45% Experts 37% C-level 18%
80-100 K USD 25% 100-150 K USD 41% 150-200 K USD 22% + 200 K USD 12%


All of us have a dream and we have to take up the challenge to go out to explore to finally end up in oneself.

May be I was lucky to look for my wishes in the mountains, entrust my strong determination to improve to them and let my will venture into some expedition.

I have learnt that there are no shortcuts to the top: it wins oneself determination and the own effort. To know how to stay sane in chaos and how to handle ambitiousness in calm.

No matter the mountaintop is always further away… the success comes when you let your ambition fade, as a first aim, and you find, in the balance, the fair formula to always stay upright.

Bernard de Metz


The sea rewards those who have the courage to move away from the shoreline or to freedive under the surface: going there has shown me unsuspected horizons. In the vastness of the ocean, humility allows us to appreciate the risks and to accept our limits without vanity interposing.

If I had to name one vital actor in this very familiar, but also remote, environment, I would say it is the air. Knowing how to wisely breath in and breath out is mastering the art of submerging into a state of serenity, selfcontrol and connection with oneself.

We deal with busy schedules every day and we try to squeeze life here and there without taking a break. Nature reminds us that something as simple as breathing strenghtens our concentration and clarifies our mind this way we can really connect with what surrounds us.

Alejandro Cartozo


There are no little details in life. The quality of our experiences can be measured in those slight gestures that make, in the long run, a difference between normal and exceptional.

To fulfill that extraordinary level is what drives me to question myself every step of the way, to look further than the obvious, to get to know my environment and those that surround me and to try to make their lives better from my field of activity.

It is impossible for me to separate this philosophy from the one I use in the professional area and it is here where my intuition and the ability to listen and understand other’s interests and motivations turn out to be key factors in order to produce creative solutions adapted to their expectations.

Beatriz Cuesta


I drive myself through life following my instinct more than trends and I strongly chase those defiance that reconcile myself with the earth and make a shift in my course.

To test myself is very welcome: Regardless of the destination, every journey becomes a personal challenge and praise me to tackling the challenges that some other time I could feel as impossible. To develop a project far away from my comfort zone has improved my personal abilities.

No doubt that times are changing and who knows if someday values could be measured in figures or if our curriculum will let us show our emotional experiences; just in case, I enlist in the compromise of those who lay their trust in my work and I sum up myself to the projects that strike onto my life.

Rafael Prieto Soto

Inspiration, commitment,
requirement, humble approach,
ethics, courage, passion…


Our teams share those values that allow us to create a long lasting impact on our clients.

Associate Directors and Partners, we count on a solid experience in executive search and human resources consultancy. Backed by a multicultural team of Consultants and Research Assistants, with the ability to manage missions at a worldwide level, we offer a global and innovative vision, as well as a streamlined and effective execution to provide our clientes with the best response to their challenges, both in their subsidiary companies and newly introduced ones.
Our current organization is the result of more than 20 years of experience in carrying out complex project challenges. The different functions in IHR Consultancy are wisely defined to make the most of all the expertise and potential of our team.

  • Managing Partners
    They are knowledgeable about markets and organizations at an international level and they have the greatest expertise in Executive Search and strategic advice on RH. With great experience in the company, they communicate their strong values to guarantee its long-term continuity and the sharing of knowledge with their teams. The Associate Directors participate in the strategy and management of IHR Consultancy, of which they are shareholders, and they have a decisive impact on its development.
  • Partners
    They are the first interlocutors of the client. Thanks to a pertinent advice and an excellent performance, the Partners hold the maximum responsibility in the loyalty of our clients and in the overall development of our activities inside their organizations. They carry out their processes in coordination with the teams of Consultants and Research Assistants. Their knowledge about our practice and the market is an assets for our business development.
  • Consultants
    With a solid trajectory in our sector and a command of the company’s methodologies, they are experts in the realization of the missions entrusted to them. Together with the Partner, they are responsible for carrying out the processes from the definition of the recruitment strategy to its implementation. They set up relationships based on trust with candidates, professionals of reference from each sector and with clients.
  • Research Assistants
    The Research Assistants collaborate with the Consultants and Partners during the research phase amongst sectors and target companies. They play a key role in establishing the first approach with potential candidates, in creating a confidence climate with them, arousing their interest and ensuring their participation in the process.
Executive Assessment

Executive Assessment

Have you got those atypical leaders ready to transform your business?

Is your organization able to develop and retain those exceptional leaders?

Do you know the restrains that burden the pressing need of change inside your organization?

From expert to generalist, from tactic to strategist… How to detect your future C-level team?

Transform, reorganize, digitalize, hit in the casting of your Board of Directors?

Assessing the potential of
managers and executives

In an increasingly more demanding business and social environment, it is essential to count on with executives with a high level of specialization in their activity, a wide knowledge of their markets, with international experience and, above all, flexible professionals, who are able to anticipate constant changes and with a versatile profile: prospective and strategic vision, decisiveness, political sense, ethics and values, ability to mobilize and develop talent and leadership in the implementation of projects.

In the current context of globalization, we understand that for a company to be competitive and viable is increasingly critical to get the design of its organization right and to make the correct choice of its managers and executives.


Our expertise in the analysis of the abilities, skills and the potential of managers and executives is based on our knowledge of organizations, on our capacity to interact with professionals of different levels and origins (sectors of activity, countries, cultures,…) and on the mastering of contrasted assessment tools.

This holistic, expert vision enables us to assess the Executive Board on the strategy to manage its teams of managers and executives, providing it with all the information and relevant tools to make decisions under different circumstances:

  • Identification of the key people in an organization
    When it is necessary to be surrounded by the best professionals and have a committed, trustworthy team, we intervene to assess its potential, to detect talent at different levels within the organization, to adapt the functions and the development of managers and executives to their potentials, to evaluate the ability of a team to face new challenges, etc.
  • Identification and resolution of problem areas
    Sometimes, companies face situations that are apparently not significant in the short term, but that can affect, in the long term, the organization's efficiency: communication problems inside a Management Committee, lack of motivation in a team, little identification with the company's objectives, internal brakes on initiatives, on changes and decision-making, discordant people in a group, etc.
  • Strategic and organizational changes
    Certain deep changes that affect a company, such as setting up a new strategy, redefining its structure, carrying out a change of activity and so on, can require new skills from the team of managers and executives or require an external and objective perspective on the possible departures or stay of certain people.
  • Launching a new project or activity
    Internationalizing, diversifying, taking on more competitive markets... In strategic projects which usually require significant resources is essential to choose the most suitable teams, given the scale of the challenge to face.
  • Acquisition and integration of a structure
    The success of a merger depends, largely, on the correct decision in the management strategy of the teams involved. We collaborate in auditing the professionals to assess how they fit in with the new objectives of the company, we evaluate their involvement and motivation in the new project, we foresee problems of overlapping positions or a possible loss of human capital, etc.
  • Planning the succession of the Executive Management

    Industrial Company

    The Managing Director intends to retire from the company within three years. The shareholders wish to plan his succession in advance, preferably with an internal candidate, and to have this time to prepare for the change.

    In a context in which the company has various institutional shareholders with their own interests, the decision was made, so as to make the candidate evaluation process neutral, to make an external assessment of all the members of the Management Committee.

    Based on the assessment carried out, we concluded that none of the members of this Committee had the correct profile to take over the position. In this complex situation because of the void that the departure of the current Managing Director could create, and of the need to make an external incorporation possible, we recommended that the Managing Director keep linked to the company filling an independent government organ, so that his successor, during this time, could benefit from valuable support.

  • Resizing the Top Management

    A leading Insurance Company on the market, with 7 million clients and a staff of 18.000

    This highly consolidated, traditional company faces an accelerated transformation in its sector (concentration, price war, digital competition...) that makes a strategic redefinition of its business and management model necessary.

    The management assessment process consisted in redefining the necessary skills that the executives should have within the new business model, assessing them, measuring the gap between the existing and the target competences and, finally, defining individual and collective development plans.

    35 top executives from the organization were assessed, their potentials and the development areas to achieve these new demands were detected and we provided our vision of the most suitable placement of the key people in an organization that was going to drastically reduce its top management team to win in agility, decision-making speed and execution effectiveness.

  • Improving the efficiency of a Management Committee

    An industrial manufacturing company in the automobile sector, a subsidiary company of a multinational group. The subsidiary company is made up of a production plant that manufactures more than €100 million with complete activity, being the regional leader of a given product: R&D, industrialization, production, quality, logistics and commercialization.

    The performance of the company was being blocked by a problem of communication and understanding between the members of the Management Committee, which had repercussions on all levels of the organization. This made difficult the interaction between departments, affecting the efficiency of the company and placing it in danger in an extremely competitive sector.

    In view of this critical situation, the Managing Director required external assessment to help him understand the in-depth reasons for this general uneasiness and to recommend solutions that would enable the Management Committee to once again function as a united team in search of common objectives.

    With transparency and closeness, in order to establish a relationship with the team based on trust, we got to know each member of the Committee, their background in the company, their views on the problems, their competences and motivations. With the perspective provided by the individual, exhaustive assessment of each member of the Management Committee, as well as their ability to interact with the others, we concluded that there was a need to reinforce some Management areas with more powerful profiles and we recommended the Management Committee to play a more protagonist role in planning the objectives and the periodical follow-up on them.



  • Preparing a team to face major business challenges

    A company providing assistance services, the subsidiary company of a multinational insurance consortium. The group has established a five-year objective of doubling its activity as well as economic results of all its subsidiary companies.

    Given this challenge, the assistance company analyzed whether, with its current team, it could achieve these objectives, in an activity in which the middle management (Heads of Teams, of Services, of Departments) is crucial to obtain results.

    The assessment process consisted of evaluating a group of 80 middle managers. Beforehand, segments of competences and motivations for the project and specific action plans for each level (from reinforcing skills through to decision-making on laying people off) had been defined.

    A thourough assessment process enabled us to place each person in their segment of competences with precision and to establish the most suitable management policy for each one.



  • Securing the leadership of the Executive Management

    A financial entity with 750 employees, a subsidiary company of a top-level Bank, with which it shares its distribution network.

    The Managing Director of the entity (who had held the position for a year) had his leadership questioned, leading to the malfunctioning of the Management Committee at a critical moment for the company, which had to carry out strategic transformation plans.

    The project consisted of evaluating the Management Committee as a whole, including the Managing Director, to offer our external vision of the problem and the possible solutions and to thereby help the shareholding Bank to make a correct decision.

    We recommended letting go two executives, who were not committed and who acted by confronting the members of the Committee and debilitating the position of the Managing Director and we advised reinforcing the HR Management, in a context of transformation which involved redefining all the processes. We also recommended giving the Managing Director a vote of confidence to give him the opportunity to prove his ability, with the support of a competent team and a better prepared Management Committee.



  • Taking on an expansion plan with a suitable team

    Pharmaceutical multinational company, worldwide leader in ethical and hospital products

    The company conceives an ambitious expansion plan in a zone of emerging countries where, to date, it has little presence. A sustained medium-term financial effort is planned. It is vital for the executive management of the territory to be able to have a high-performance, trustworthy sales team, committed to the project.

    Our task consisted in finding people with suitable characteristics for the job, from other existing teams in the region, as well as others that are culturally close.

    We set up an assessment centre to detect the necessary talent: We assessed the potential of the people and their motivations for the project to be able to create a team in line with future requirements; recommending, at the same time, individual and collective development plans.


If you are just on the look for new opportunities, please send us your professional background: we will analyze it and contact you to offer those positions that correspond to your profile and aspirations:

We maintain our commitment to the highest quality, making your participation in the process an enriching experience, assessing you with respect to your professional development:

  • We look beyond studies and professional background, into your competences, values, and motivations, through a complete assessment.
  • We offer you feedback on our valuation of your skills, on the suitability of your profile to the company project and to the position and on those areas to be developed.
  • According to our Privacy Policy, we only inform our clients about your data when we have your consent to do so.
  • Please, send us your CV.
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